Seamless Digital Experience

We really know schools! With the ability and tools to flawlessly execute and deliver seamless digital educational experiences, LekolPress drives your organization to reach its goals in no time.

Online Educational Success

Our client’s success is our top priority. From website design to management, maintenance, and even support, LekolPress will ensure that you are paired with a full range of services provided by the most skilled professionals in the industry.

Highly Affordable Customized Packages

Your educational institution’s website is a reflection of how your online academic plans function. Our aim is to ensure that you get the most valuable information out there in the easiest way possible, all without breaking the bank – it surely doesn’t get better than this!

Efficient School Management

Our services don’t just stop at creating a website for your online school

Efficient School Management

Our services go all the way till its management and maintenance. Through effective website management, LekolPress helps connect teachers, students, and parents through a single interface with personalized user-specific portals, all under the highest academic security.

Top-Notch Learning Management

Your educational goals won’t be completed without a top-notch learning management system.

Top-Notch Learning Management

Designed specifically to allow your instructors to manage educational coursework seamlessly online, the learning management system mimics a classroom-like interaction, including two-way communication between teachers and students, class-only newsfeeds, online homework submissions, and gradebooks.